Insurance Interactive

Oct 25, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Insurance OnBase User Group

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Are you looking to join a group of folks looking to improve the OnBase experience? As a VOGUE, we are hoping to engage you in discussion on a variety of topics, proposed and selected by you! You may be asking yourself, ‘why are we looking to have more meetings in an already meeting-filled world?’ That’s a great question! Hopefully this will feel less like a meeting, and more of a discussion with your peers that may provide you with broader insights. Regardless, we are looking to make your day easier and your interactions with us and Hyland more seamless – so your thoughts and suggestions are very much welcomed!

This session is a follow-up to CommunityLIVE. We hope to continue the discussions that were started during our membership meeting, as well as share with each other and those who may not have been able to attend what we found to be good take aways from this year’s conference.

Examples of other topics may include:

• Upgrades

• Data migration and how to mitigate risk

• Project Management

• Managing change (both large and small) and Change Control


• Hyland IdP

• Performance testing and how to optimize your solution

This is a membership driven group. We will be looking to you to provide us with thoughts, questions, or ideas on what you would like to discuss. If you let us know of a topic that interests you ahead of time, we may even be able to grab a Hyland resource to join us and provide that technical assist.

We hope to talk with you during our October session!



  • Jill Grillo


  • Michelle Zimmanck

    Gleaner Life Insurance Society

    AVP, IT Operations

  • Bill Arney

    Continental LTC

    Technical Analysis Manager

  • Joseph Malecki

    Utica National Insurance Group

  • Travis Possehn

    Hastings Mutual

  • Frank Barkocy

    Group 1001

  • Kelly Bell

    Am Wins

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Priority Health

  • Toni Smith

    i3 Verticals

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