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Hyland University is your learning space for OnBase, Alfresco, Perceptive Content, Nuxeo and the intelligent content technologies that leverage automation and interoperability — including Hyland intelligent document processing (HIDP) and Hyland RPA.

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24 jul 2024


Key Elements for Building Practical WorkView Solutions: Session 3 of 3

July 24, 1–4:30 p.m. EDT WorkView provides ample features to expand the use of Document Centric Multi-Instance Keyword Type Sets. These WorkView features can provide a solid foundation for Line-Item Approval Processes. In this course, participants will learn how to associate Documents with WorkView Class Objects for more efficient Workflow processes.

29 jul 2024



Spend a week with our Hyland Development, QA, and Services teams in hands-on focused training sessions designed to develop and refine your knowledge about Hyland products. Learn the powerful enhancements in the latest release, discuss your current initiatives, and learn best practices from the most experienced team of Hyland professionals in the world.

29 ago 2024


Unlocking Business Insight: A dive into Perceptive Content's reporting tool (4 of 5)

August 29, 1–4 p.m. EDT Embark on a learning adventure with our hands-on training session on Perceptive Content's reporting tool, Business Insight. Explore the depths of Business Insight with an insightful overview, learn the art of modifying existing reports from the Report Library, discover the details of creating new reports, and engage in practical testing.

5 sept 2024


Strategic evolution: The art of Perceptive Content upgrades (5 of 5)

September 5, 1–4 p.m. EDT Explore Perceptive Content's upgrading and patching process in our training session. Gain insightful knowledge of the upgrade and patching procedure, discover essential preparation steps for a smooth upgrade, perform a basic upgrade with hands-on guidance, and participate in post-upgrade testing. Enhance your skills in managing Perceptive Content's evolution seamlessly.

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Past events


Charting Your Way Through a Healthcare Solution: Session 3 of 3


Innovate and automate: Unleashing the potential of Perceptive Content with Hyland RPA (3 of 5)


Succession planning for technical leaders: Ensuring a seamless transition (Session 6 of 6)


Key Elements for Building Practical WorkView Solutions: Session 2 of 3

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